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May 2, 2013 / thegirlwiththedinotattoo

nobody will read this anyways

It’s 2am, and I should be asleep by now.  I think my main motivation for creating a blog is so that rather than lying in bed and letting my mind wander for hours, I will now have a place to put my thoughts, rants, and opinions.  Also, because if I really wanted to hear your comments and feedback, I would have just posted this to facebook, but I don’t, so I didn’t.  I used to have a pin that said “nobody cares about your blog”, and while I’ve seen some pretty interesting blogs out there, this will not be one of them.  I can’t take nice pictures, and I don’t have a re-ocurring theme or interest.  So don’t get settled, stop wasting your time, you non-existent readers, and go find a blog that’s interesting.  I feel like a Cake song right now, except that this waltz will never be in style.  All that’s interesting here is my dinosaur tattoo, which is real.  His name is Danger.

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