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May 29, 2013 / thegirlwiththedinotattoo

hot chocolate and sleepless nights

back when I finally went to my doctor because I have issues falling asleep, she gave me the best advice a doctor has ever given a person – hot chocolate.  it went something like “blah blah blah regular schedule blah blah exercise and eat healthy blah blah blah have a mug of hot chocolate before you go to bed, it will help your body to relax and the protein will be a little filling, too”.  sometimes I think my body likes to not fall asleep despite my exhausted state of being, just so I have to get up again and have a mug of wonderfulness.  and listen to the noises that my apartment makes late at night – that’s always a good excuse to break out the flashlight and machete (the baseball bat was in the other room).  also, I’m pretty sure my neighbors just set off fireworks.

all in all it’s been a pretty good day, although so far I really haven’t been that impressed with the first few episodes of Arrested Development season 4.  well, there’s always money in the banana stand, or at least the original three seasons to fall back on.

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