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March 11, 2014 / thegirlwiththedinotattoo

not another portobello mushroom sandwich, please

I’m about to complain about having just eaten bread and cheese, and not just any bread and cheese but beer-based stuff , and it was delicious.  If you decide to not continue reading this post I will understand.

I’ve been a vegetarian for about a year now, but don’t worry this post is not about the reasons why I chose to make the meatless choice, unless you like to hear other people get all preachy. This is just a simple comment on the fact that there are very few veggie options at the majority of restaurants. Now that may seem pretty obvious, but next time you’re looking at a menu try to cut the meatless options including seafood. 1) I’ll bet you a Portobello mushroom sandwich is one of them 2) most will be salads.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Portobello mushroom sandwich every once in a while, but when this is your only option you get sick of it pretty quick. Also it’s still winter in new England right now which means it’s cold and I’m cold and I don’t want to eat anything cold so the salad’s flat out. You could warm it up with some steak tips – oh but that’s right, more meat. I actually think my french fry intake has increased since I cut out meat simply because they’re wonderful and what else can I get from Wendy’s?

Also a note on being in New England, they think that by offering seafood options on amenu means they’ve covered all food palettes. I will occasionally still eat some seafood (I mean lets be honest, who gives a crap about oysters and clams) but it’s hard to not simply substitute fish where meat once was. Especially since I’m on the coast and there’s fish everywhere here.

This isn’t just restricted to restaurants though, any place where I’m trying to grab something to eat that’s not a grocery store had left me with nutrigrain bars and cheetos. I went on a quick road trip not long ago and ended up getting a coffee with cream and sugar for dinner because I couldn’t eat any more chips.  Well I could, but that would have made me feel like I need to exercise and that’s never a good idea.

Back to my complaining about having eaten some amazing beer-based cheese and reduction bread. I was wandering between a few bars trying to find one that could kill my hunger as I killed my time. Bars are the worst, and by worst I mean best because it’s all nachos, fries, cheesy bread, and onion rings in there, the perfect stuff to get washed down with a pint of lager, but not the perfect stuff for the person who tries to eat healthy so she can avoid working out. I enjoyed every bite of that cheesy goodness,  resenting it the whole time.

So, what’s my point on all this rambling? I was just surprised to realize how thoroughly engrained adding meat into every aspect of the American diet has become and I doubt most of us need anywhere near that amount of protein. I certainly don’t (remember, the avoidance of exercise).  That and aren’t you glad I don’t have a food allergy?

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