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it’s actually pretty easy being green

People are habitual animals – we like our patterns and routine. And this is ok, it provides us with a baseless sense of control and stability in life.

This is not ok though when our habits are harmful to ourselves and others, and on the topic of trying to be more “green” and reducing my production of trash, I’ve found that these destructive habits can be fairly easy to change into better ones.

Since I like to obsess over random topics that no one else would free-read about, I’m going to start blogging about some ways I’ve begun to change my habits for the greener. And you’ve guessed it, they’re all fairly easy.

Pretty much every idea has come from a variety of books and websites that I’ve come across in my obsessive research, and I’ve picked what works for me and my husband, so feel free to do the same here. A few changed habits do go a long way.

So check out the blog posts for “being green” and forget the ramblings, unless you’re really bored.

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